We offer a mixture of NEW & VINTAGE.

You won't believe what we find and found out there, just for you and your passion or needs. 

On our socials (FB & Insta) we continiously expose a part of our latest finds or our stock!

The shop is filled up with it ... 

What is the gift for a man who has it all ? Don't look any further .. we've got what you are looking for!

Official dealer of SMK retro helmets.

Official dealer of CAMEL ACTIVE adventure clothing. 

Official dealer of KING KEROSIN clothing.

Jeans & casual kleding for bikers and you! 

Not available / not possible... 

That's a promise we want to keep!

We know people who know people, when it does excist we will find it for you! 

No matter what and how long it takes and where it has to come from.... 

Golden hands create unique items !

Come talk to us and we will get it done. 

A friend (and customer) wanted a remake from an old shirt from the eigthies so he could wear it and keep the original safe. 

Also something we can do for you of course!  ...... and just as important; for 'normal prices' !