Our mission

Gathering motorcycle enthousiasts with the same Classic Motorcycle passion and the love for the best COFFEE, JEANS, classic MOTORCYCLE PARTS / GEAR new & vintage. 

Embedded in that unique setting from the past.  

Coffee is our middle name! 

Our shop is here to inspire our customers and we are not only focus on motorcycles and petrolheads. The love or passion for the ultimate COFFEE  also can't be denied and above this we take our roll in the local community very serious. 

That combined makes good stories all of the time, for sure. 

Just sit on our 'stamtafel' or in the cosey Old Dutch livingroom we re-created and experience it yourself. 

Shop Vintage, Jeans and more !!!

Walk around, take a look and take your time! On 130M2 you will see more than you can take in ;-). Use our dressingrooms for fitting that unique shirt / jeans or jacket.  

Not to fortget; books, Japan imported motorcycle magzazines, posters & (real) pictures or that unique part for your bike.