Rare NICO BAKKER racebike Z1000S1 from 1982:

For sale is a unique NICO BAKKER framed racebike with Z1000S1 KIT ENGINE

The bike has won the 1982 Dutch Formula championship. The bike was raced by Dutchman Gerard Flameling. After the season it was stored at the sponsors raceshop and re-discovered only a few years back. The bike has  still to be brought back in running condition.  It's not touched for over 40 years, all is still like it was in 1982 when it was stored. 

The brakes are loosend and the tires will be changed into slicks before selling (16"& 18"). 

The Dutch Kawasaki importer Joh. Bruinsma, at the day in 1982 got hold on 2 sets of S1 engine kits, one went into this fantastic NICO BAKKER Framed racebike. The S1 engines where also run by Lawson and Rainey in the AMA championship along with other privateer teams such as for example Racecrafters raced by Klinzmann. It is known that only 29 of those S1 engines where built into a Z1000J framed bike and where produced by Kawasaki specially for the AMA series. 

This NICO BAKKER racebike is a true unicorn.

Including PVM 3 spoke wheels / WiWo brake discs and calipers and  unique quick change WiWo hoses.

Adjustable steering / headstock angle & adjustable wheelbase change system in the headstock (magnesium). 

It comes with documentation such as pictures from back in the day & Factory partsbook with all the S1 kit partsnumbers and the unique S1 operating / service manual.

The engine was build-up with brand new factory delivered enginecases and has for that reason no casenumbers, the cilinders are 998CC (not the 1015 CC kit) because of the rules in 1982 in the Dutch championship. It has the 8 spark S1 ingnitionset. The engine was NOT opened up or checked internal. The frame has no chasis number, becuase it was raced in the Netherlands and not abroad. 

Additional some S1 New Old Stock spare parts can be purchased.  Such as close ratio gearbox with different shafts and gears. Pistons, Springs, valves and cylinders and gaskets. Also the special ingnition cover is available. See pictures below.

PRICE: € 29.500,-  

We are open for reasonable offers.